Devices must meet the following criteria to be listed for sale on Chilm hub:

  • Fully functional
  • No cracked or chipped glass, water damage, or structural issues
  • Clean IMEI / ESN and ready for activation
  • No OS or activation lock
  • Must not be financed or leased
  • Must comply with Chilm hub Terms of Use

Devices listed for sale on Chilm hub can be listed in New, Mint, Good, or Fair condition.

Under certain circumstances, some devices cannot be sold on Chilm hub:

  • Devices returned to a seller and repaired more than once due to functional issues
  • Devices that have been factory recalled for defects
  • Devices marked “Not for Resale”
  • Device is a pre-production or demo unit
  • Device chargers and power cables that have frayed or exposed wires

Note: Trade-in devices have a different set of criteria requirements. Review details of Chilm hub Trade-In Program, or review the trade-in FAQs.

Fully Functional

All hardware and software features must work, including the display, camera, buttons, ports, and the battery, which needs to properly charge and discharge (see our iPhone specific battery criteria here). Simply put, if the device had a hardware or software feature from the factory, those features need to be working in order to be listed for sale on Chilm hub.

Device Integrity

Devices cannot have any structural issues such as any cracked (or chipped) glass, or broken buttons, keys, or switches, and the SIM card tray cannot be missing or damaged. Devices with water damage or missing moisture indicator stickers cannot be listed. Devices that are advertised as waterproof must include all port covers and other functionality that make them waterproof, if applicable.

IMEI / ESN Integrity

All devices must be clean and ready for activation.

  • The device IMEI / ESN cannot be blocklisted.
  • The hardware and software IMEI / ESN must match.
  • If the device IMEI / ESN has been altered or “repaired” it cannot be listed.

Use Chilm hub free ESN / IMEI checker to verify the integrity of your device.

OS Lock

Devices need to be fully reset, free of any operating system software / activation locks, and ready for activation before they are listed for sale on Chilm hub. Operating System software / activation locks include (but are not limited to):

  • Apple iCloud
  • Google Android Factory Reset Protections
  • Remote Management Software (RMS)
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Outstanding Financial Obligation

Devices must be fully paid off – devices on equipment installation plans (EIP) or standard contracts cannot be listed until they are paid off.